Start Running.
And Don't Look Back.



Of course a Kaori Miyazono animation was going to happen.  Of COURSE.  ^_^

I knew I wanted to do something goofy.  One of my favorite animation bits in the anime is in the first opening where Kaori falls and then throws a bunch of cherry blossom petals in the air so I knew I kinda wanted to homage that.  I also wanted to make this a loop so I needed to draw a run cycle, which scared the shit out of me since I've never animated one before.  :O  I drew a little run in my Optimus Prima animation but I don't count that because it kinda wasn't that good.  XD

Said run cycle was the first thing I roughed out and surprisingly it's the thing that came the easiest to me during this whole thing.  Her fall was neat too but having her get up was the toughest part.  At first I just had her standing up and running again but that was too boring.  I figured with the big ol mop of hair Kaori has that some of it is bound to get in her face so I threw in a good hair flip.

I poured over the colors more than I really should have, I worked on this on at least three different computers and I kept trying to get her colors to look "right" on all three monitors.  Which was probably my first mistake.  A big shout-out goes to my buddies Tracy and Josh for giving my color model some second opinions.  :D

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