"My fate has begun to change"


This one started simply enough.  I wanted to draw Kaori without her jacket since, I dunno, I'm not good at drawing the full uniform?  I think it's all the grey that trips me up.  ^_^;  Anyhoo, the figure art was fun but uneventful (except for the stickers.  Thank God I had already drawn her full violin case before where I could just steal from myself.  Those stickers would have been a pain to draw again  XD).  When I got to the background I stumped myself.  The pic on the left is the one I did first, just some simple colors to show off the Kaori art.  I liked it but thought it could be a bit more, so I drew in a background for her.  In the process I changed the lighting on Kaori a bit and it almost ended up being a completely different piece.  I really liked both but couldn't decide which one to go with.  I bugged my buddy Josh to look at both to help me decide and he was like "why don't you just post both?"

Yeah, Silas.  Why don't you just post both?  :O

You'll notice that the Kaori on the right is a much higher resolution than I usually post here.  I dunno why but I thought it held up pretty well even zoomed-in close to the resolution I usually draw with.  I guess I know what I'm doing sometimes.  Go figure.  :D

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