Kaori's Enchanted


I heading to Disney World in a few days so here's some Disney prep art!  I'm super excited because Magic Kingdom has a Belle meet-and-greet for Memory Maker while I'm there (IN HER YELLOW DRESS, ABE!!!) and she's been kind of been my character white whale for a little while now (Enchanted Tales with Belle doesn't count because I'm too super shy to do that ^_^;).

Anyhoo, so that's why Kaori's meeting Belle, because meeting Belle is awesome.  At first I drew Belle's hair like it is in the movie but then decided to try making it all big and long and crazy like it is in her current Princess art and it was a lot of fun, and a neat contrast to Kaori's crazy awesome mop of hair.  Kaori's color still give me trouble, especially in this pic for whatever reason (maybe the bold inks?  I dunno) so I sampled a lot from reference art and tweaked from there.  :O

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