(Updated 2016.09.21)

So Macross Delta is mean and pulled a Sailor Moon where the bad guys are just as pretty as the idol group.  :OOO

Especially Keith.  He's pretty much a mirror image dude Elsa and his home planet is Norway in winter I MEAN C'MON OKAY I'M SOLD.

I'm not great at drawing guys but Keith's sketch turned out rather nice after only one false start.  I did the sketch on paper and still haven't bought a new set of Sharpies so I inked him digitally and I kinda wish I had waited.  The inks turned out okay but with the messiness of the sketch I think some pen-and-paper inks would have serviced this pic a lot better.

*** *** *** Update *** *** ***

I promised myself that I would try new inks once I finally got off my butt and bought new Sharpies in an attempt to make this better and I finally did, with mixed results.  I'm sure I was over-thinking this while trying another pass at it, maybe it's just that I don't draw guys much.  I dunno.  It's better and worse at the same time?  Oh well.  XDDD

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