Sailor Medaka


Yup, you're seeing that right.  I did the same damn piece all over again.  After finishing up Sailor Medaka the first time around I liked it but thought something was off.  And then I realized it, she's mocking Sailor Moon's pose but her body is FACING THE WRONG DAMN WAY.  XD

Serious, Silas.  What the hell, man?

Oh well. At least you know I'm not tracing shit.  XD

I know it's not THAT big of a deal but it really, really bugged me after I finally realized what I did.  At first I thought about flipping and swapping things out in Photoshop but it quicklly dawned on me that doing so would take just as long as drawing the whole damn thing over again.  So I just drew the whole damn thing over again.  :O

Which is cool because Sailor Medaka is hella fun to draw anyways.  This also gave me a chance to fix other issues I had with the last piece, like the pleats in her skirt and her shoulders.  There are still elements of the last piece I like more, but all-in-all I think this one works a lot better.  And not just because of the pose fuckup.  ^_^ 

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