Lara's Little Black Dress


Little black dresses are okay, honestly I can take them or leave them.  To me it's all about the woman wearing it and Lara Croft has my full attention in Tomb Raider Legend.  For those of you who haven't played the game, there's a level where Lara's sporting one of these numbers during a firefight and adds her trademark pistols and survival gear to her ensemble for a pretty hot and badass result.

Simplicity was the name of the game here and I just wanted to show off the outfit without any added nonsense.  I kept the pose simple which was easy enough until it came to her left arm.  At first I was just going to have both of her hands on the pistols but that seemed a little TOO boring.  I remembered that her panties are more than peeking out in this little outfit so I thought I'd play up the sexy angle a little bit.  Lara ties her hair back in her trademark ponytail in this stage of the game, but I decided to drop her hair down for a kind of glamorous look.

The colors came pretty easily, which is surprising given how much black was involved here.  The panties were interesting since I haven't really drawn or rendered lace all that often.  For the pattern, I drew out the lace on a separate piece of paper and dropped it in as its own layer in Photoshop.  I then created another layer for the color and played with the opacity on both of them until I got the semi-transparent lingerie look I was shooting for.

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