Legendary Lara


I'm not great at video games, but all the same Tomb Raider: Legend is still one of my favorites.  Even though I kind of suck at it.  XD

The Legend outfit is my favorite of Lara's threads and playing the game again recently gave me the itch to try my hand at drawing her once more.  The pose and idea of the pic came simple enough with the whole exploring aspect of the video game and half the fun here was drawing the "ruins."  Lara was drawn first and the background was done on a separate piece of paper. I drew Lady Croft's hips and thighs a bit wider than they are in the game, but I thought it fitting not just because it's the way I draw but because of all the running and bounding she does.  The final colors turned out really nice, and a lot of that is thanks to playing with different contrasts with the background and the light coming from up top.  ^_^

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