The Little Black Dress


This is a random little piece, just to keep myself in practice.  I'm between big projects right now, and I want to keep my art mojo on the move so I don't get lazy and drop into a slump.

I didn't have any particular piece in mind today, just wanted to work on something.  Curvy women in various states of undress is usually my default position, so here you have the results.  XD  The pose and subject seems simple enough, but I ended up spending a lot more time hashing out the details on this than I thought I would.  Which is a good thing, because it keeps me interested and more occupied so I don't get bored with the piece.  If you look at the pencils, you can tell I went back-and-forth on the pose quite a few times.

I went for lace underwear because I don't draw fancy details much, even though I had no rhyme or reason with the pattern.  I just drew a bunch of intersecting curly-q's.  The same thing goes for her hair.  I just started penciling in strands and shapes and just tried to make sense of what I doodled out.  The little black dress around her knees was an afterthought after sketching out the rough pose.  I toyed with the idea of her actually wearing it, but I thought this would be more playful and fun to draw.

I have to say that I'm really happy with this gal now that she's all said-and-done.  Especially for a piece of art that started out as a little thing to keep me occupied.  ^_^

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