"The breath of
someone asleep"


I wanted to draw Kaori sleeping in the music room again since I was never really happy with my first attempt at it, so I did.  :D

I was pretty happy with the sketch and didn't really think it was too plain but suddenly had the urge to draw her with Bulbasaur again.  Instead of coming up with a new idea I doodled Bulbasaur on Kaori's lap to see what it would look like and it ended up being super cute.  :3

This piece looks simple but looks can be deceiving.  There were some foreshortening issues with her legs but I think they turned out okay.  Her skirt and sweater vest turned out really nice too.  I went more than a little overboard with her hair and the wrinkles on her sleeves but whatever.  The inks, as usual, scared me so I procrastinated by working on the background first, which I drew almost completely freehand so it wouldn't look as static as my backgrounds usually do.

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