Now That I Have Your Attention...


There's a history behind this piece.  After I started taking commissions on Deviantart, I started getting a lot of requests for things I don't usually draw.  I know it's important for an artist to escape from their comfort zone every once in a while, but a lot of the things I was being asked to draw utterly baffled me.  I'm known for drawing extremely curvy and busty women and I was getting asked to draw a bunch of dudes.  One person asked me to draw Dr. Who, and another asked me to draw (and I quote) "a big, muscle-bound, hairy lumberjack."

Now I don't mind drawing guys, it's just that I'm not very good at it and you don't see much male art in my gallery because of that.  So I drew this to literally get people's attention.

Because I was focusing on the torso (I actually don't think I've done much art where I've cropped a figure like this), I decided to really accentuate the curves, hips and breasts from what I would normally draw.  Even the expression from her lips was important since I usually rely on the eyes to make that happen.  While I probably overdid it, I think the piece still really works even looking back at it now.

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