Sometimes you just gotta draw


I was having a rough day at work and popped out this sketch during a break.  Sometimes you wanna draw something awesome and involving to calm down, and then there are times that you just gotta draw a hot chick in lingerie.  This day was one of the latter.  XD

This was also one of those days where I hated everything I drew so after scanning this to show some friends I balled it up and threw it in the trash because I hated it so much.  A few days later I was looking at the sketch again and thought it wasn't so bad.  I tried re-drawing it but I guess being pissed off and stressed pumps up my drawing mojo because I couldn't recreate this.  I actually dug the sketch out of the trash and attempted to ink it but it was too far gone.  XD

So I printed out the scan I made of the sketch (thank God I did it in blue :D) and inked that sucker.  After ink and a clean-up after scanning I splashed some color and BAM!  Pretty hot, eh?  :3

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