Don't Be Chicken
Fight The Hate


I try not to get all political and I usually keep my soapbox in check as best I can, but sometimes I just gotta say something.  When I do, I try to give you guys something nice to look at while I get all preachy.  ^_~

Heterosexuality is my chosen lifestyle, and if swinging the other way makes you happy you'll hear no argument from me.  As long as you love each other I don't believe that anyone has the right to say that you're wrong, moral or otherwise.

I put this piece together as a fundraiser for GLAAD. I wrestled over what kind of piece to draw and a chat with my friend Mary about this brought me to this simple idea.  I tried as best I could to make this look affectionate as opposed to sexy (which is pretty tough for me, admittedly).  I also kept the colors a lot more simple than usual to give the overall art a very clean motif.

If you're interested in purchasing a copy, whether it's a print or a high-res digital file, shoot me an email for details.  All of the profits will go to GLAAD.  ^_^

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