V1046-R Mahoro


I'm that weird hipster nerd whose favorite Gainax Anime is one you've probably never heard of.  XD

Mahoromatic is just awesome.  If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and check it out.  A few months ago if found out that Gainax had put out one more two-part special and I found myself watching the entire series all over again.  And once something like that happens fan art can't be too far behind.

I went with Mahoro's combat outfit instead of her maid uniform because I thought a more comic-y pic would ease me into drawing her since Anime art style really isn't my strong suit.  ^_^;

This piece encompassed all sorts of wackiness to get the damn thing finished.  If you check out the pencil stage it's all kind of messy.  When I was plotting the art out I did a rough sketch on a piece of copier paper.  After I nailed down the layout I tried drawing this up on a piece of bristol but couldn't get it right.  Sadly the rough doodle I did on a piece of throwaway paper was a helluvalot better than the for realsies attempts.  :O :O :O

I drew right over the ballpoint pen thumbnail with my pencils which made the inks even messier.  On the inks stage image, you'll see the pre-cleanup inks on the left.  Because of the crap paper and the ballpoint pen this was murder to fine tune.  I know I could've used a lightbox or tracing paper to ink this piece but I've never felt my inks look near as good as when I work directly on the pencils.  Weird, I know.  ^_^;

In the end I think the effort was worth it.  The piece has some problems, namely with the partially bland background.  Anime stuff always looks weird in my style but I think I did okay here, especially with working her bangs in since I don't draw that kind of hairstyle often. 

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