I've been going through some old favorite anime and of course Mahoromatic was high on that list.  This started as a thumbnail and quickly evolved into a fun little sketch.  I tried not to refine the pencils too much since the sketch was pretty small and I didn't want to gunk it up with a bunch of lines and smudges so I relied on the inks to flesh it out, which turned out surprisingly well.  :O

Of course my favorite Gainax show is the one without an obscene amount of references online.  For the Silpheed jetpack I had to grab some stills from the opening (it wasn't even on youtube  XD).  I cheated a lot on her ruffles but the bullets were a different story.  For the bullet inks only one of them is a copy, the rest were inked individually.  Usually I would be lazy with something like that but I didn't like how the chain looked in the copy/paste job.

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