Mara Jade


Don't ask me why I drew Mara here.  I'm only a little familiar with the character.  But she has cool boots and a Lightsaber, so what the hell right?  XD

The pencils here were pretty cool, though coming up with the pose was a bit of a hassle.  This is one of those pieces where I think I dropped the ball when it came to inking it, but the colors salvaged it.  Mostly.  ^_^;

Coloring this was tricky since a bulk of Mara's outfit is black and I didn't want it looking like a complete catsuit.  That and I wanted to show off the detail on her footwear, so I colored the top and pants like they were leather and shaded her boots in a more traditional cel-shaded technique to bring out all the little armor bits.  I also had a little decision to make in regards to her Lightsaber.  I remember seeing art of her with blue and pink blades, but a quick poll on Google+ solved that and I went with blue.  Which is nice because I think the pink/magenta saber would have been too much of a match with her hair, and I like the contrast here.

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