Marceline Rocks


Here's a late Christmas present for my pal Mary.  Adventure Time is awesome as is Marceline the Vampire Queen.  :3

If you look closely at the pencils to this one, it's actually made from two boards taped together.  Originally this was going to be a medium shot of Marceline and her axe, but while the pose was good I thought it was a little static.  So I decided to show the rest of her body to get that sense of movement down.  But I liked the way the pic was going so far so I took the lazy way out instead of starting a new piece from scratch.  XD  Jake and Finn at the bottom are a result of having a lot of negative space.  I would've just cropped it during scanning, but seeing the blank spot there gave me the idea to throw the guys in like at a rock concert.

You'll probably also note that in both the pencil and ink stages Marceline's bite marks are on the wrong side of her neck.  That's what you get for not having the ref material when you draw, kiddies!  XD

All-in-all, this one turned out as good as I'd hoped.  I decided to go with black eyes instead of figuring out an eye color for her since most of the "humans" in the show have little black dots.  It also fits in with the semi-creepy vampire thing, but I tried to keep the shape pretty wide so she's still kinda cute.  The same idea went for her lips as...well...she don't got 'em in the cartoon.  Her axe could've been bigger and her hair needs a little more work, but it's nothing I'm losing sleep over.  Besides, I doubt this will be the last time I draw her.  ^_~

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