Ms. Marvelous


This piece was done in response to a lot of comments I was getting, criticizing me for drawing women "too beefy."  Honestly, I'm surprised that I don't get as much criticism to the contrary.  :/

Anyways, I decided Ms. Marvel should be the one featured in my response.  I like my women strong, and I think my art reflects that.  I don't draw beanpoles.  I draw a fair share of meat on the bones along with the hips and busts.  I don't do "damsels in distress."  I prefer the damsels that CAUSE distress.  If you like the former, my art probably isn't for you.  But luckily there are tons of Anime and Anime-wannabee artists out there to choose from.

This piece is dated (showing that I'm not really good at coloring black areas) but I still really like the pose and hip/leg structure that came out.  The image was supposed to be strong with a little whip of venom and I think it still works.  ^_^

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