MCU Elsa


I really like drawing Elsa in movie Captain America's outfit for whatever reason so I thought I'd take a shot at drawing a Marvel Cinematic Universe style Elsa dress.  The idea came to me when a friend of mine was talking about how many panels all of the MCU costumes are made out of and I realized that those said panels are why I like drawing Elsa Cap so much.

I based Elsa's dress mainly on Wanda's costume at the end of Age of Ultron, though I tried my best not to borrow too many elements outright.  So I tried to put in a bunch of points and sharp angles to be kinda like snowflake tips.  I also added a bunch of hexagons (which I drew instead of copy/paste, something I regretted REALLY early on XD) to give her outfit some texture.  This made her look a lot like Mera, especially in the inks so I made sure I didn't bring any green into play when coloring her.  ^_^

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