The 98th Student Council


I really needed to post this piece before it drove me mad.  Y'know that piece you stick with mainly because you're just trying to get the damn thing to work?  Yeah, this is one of those.  XD

I drew Medaka before and she turned out pretty good, but I kept dwelling on the mistakes.  Even more than I usually do.  This happens every time I draw Anime shit.  I think it's because the style is so specific I just see it as plain weird when I try to do anything with it.  So I tried my hand at some Medaka Box fan art (including the actual Suggestion Box) and I'm happier with this one.  I spent almost twice as long with this art compared to what I usually spend on a piece like this.  Most of that time was tweaking stuff like her hair and her face.  Again, I'm still trying to find that happy medium between Anime art and my crap.

Mistakes and missteps aside I really like how this came out.  I did better on the cut of Medaka's uniform and the skirt turned out really nice.  The pose was what I set out to do from the get-go except for her left arm.  I originally was going to have her pointing at the viewer but that harkened back to my last piece too much so I decided to open up her fan.  This also brought up the chance to show off the armbands on that arm so that worked out well.  ^_^ 

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