Vintage 1.0


Like the Optimus Prima pieces I posted, I'm posting the first two Megatronica pics I did for posterity (i.e. LOOKIT WHEN I REALLY SUCKED!!!)

I admit that I drew Megatronica just because it seemed like the universe would collapse if I didn't.  But in the end, Megatronica is pretty damn fun to draw on her own.  Just not to color.  I didn't like it then, and I still don't like it today.  Anyone out there wanna color this bad gal for me from now on?  Anyone...?

Anyhoo, her design process was a lot like Optimus Prima's, and I took a lot of the same cues when coming up with this character.  The big difference here is that I added quite a bit more red to break up Megatron's G1 color scheme a bit.  I thought the mostly grey and black color scheme was almost too monotone on her, especially with the black hair (which will get changed down the road).

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