Jougasaki Mika


I've been going through Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls slowly but surely.  I'm okay with it, not completely digging it.  To be honest I only started watching it because I like some of the character designs; namely Uzuki, Rin and obviously Mika here.

I actually have a Shimamura piece I started weeks ago but it's not near finished since I picked one of her fancy concert outfits to draw.  Because I like to create more unnecessary work for myself I guess.  Mika started because I wanted to draw her crazy hair and after drawing some Kaori stuff I thought I'd have her in her school uniform.  I "altered" the uniform quite a bit because hello have we met?

I know there's a better and easier way to insert the pattern on her skirt rather than draw them in but like I said, I apparently like to cause myself grief. ^_^;

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