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I was going to draw a Macross Delta/Your Lie in April crossover but this happened instead (Walküre hanging with Kaori is totally still in the cards, of course because DUH ^_~).  After whipping up a quick Walküre outfit design for Elsa I started pencils on this, but then it sat on top of my massive WIP stack because OH MY GOD THE RUFFLES SCARED ME OH MY GOD.  This is why you're not seeing hella Walküre art from me so far, because the ruffles keep scaring me off.  I'll start a sketch and then run away when I decide I like the doodle because I don't wanna ink the hella ruffles (my friend Tom puts it best: "WALKÜRE IS 74% RUFFLES!")

Anyhoo this one took a while during pretty much each step of the way.  I would muster up the courage to ink Elsa's dress but then procrastinate on the colors because I didn't want to think about tackling them.  Rinse and repeat for Mikumo.  The colors also had me not wanting to dive head-first into this because from the get-go I knew I wanted to put outer glows around Mikumo and Elsa but it would be tough figuring that out since they're kinda tangled up, and Elsa's transparent skirt didn't make things any easier.  But when working on it I realized the way I had inked and separated them that I was okay.  Turns out I had already figured it out and didn't even know it.  XD

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