Freyja and Mikumo
don't approve of
Election Night 2016


The results of this year's Presidential Election scare me.  Not so much that we have an asshole as President-Elect but that the majority of the voting public are either excited for him or excuse his behavior.  I've been really upset and scared.  It's been bad, I won't lie.  I was asked to draw boobs today and I couldn't do it for a while.  Then I decided to draw all of Walküre expressing my current mood.  I started a sketch but drawing all five crazy overwhelmed me, which is something I totally didn't need right now.  So I doodled out just two of them and they ended up being Freyja and Mikumo.  Freyja because I really wanted to draw her with that pose and expression and I thought it would fit her best.  Mikumo was originally gonna be Kaname but I've been having more fun drawing Mikumo lately.  So there.  ^_^

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