Minerva & Swindle


Here's a quick piece I threw together earlier today for the 
Transformers Hall of Fame 2012 nomination thingy.  If it wasn't for the Swindle bandwagon this year, I'd probably be all over the Minerva bandwagon.  A lot of folks have been putting together combo images so this is my take on the whole thing.  ^_^

As far as the art goes, all I have to say is "Thank God" for Jim Sorenson and Bill Forester for the IDW Ark books. With Swindle here I was able to put him together okay with screencaps found online, but the model sheets in the Ark were a big help.  As far as Minerva's concerned, the art in the books is awesome since all I could find online were blurry screengrabs and questionable fanart.  XD

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