This pretty much illustrates what is going on in my stupid head lately.  XD

I've been toying around with the idea of Kaori wearing some sort of Transformers outfit and last night I started on this pic.  Because Kaori's a blond I made sure the Optimus Prime bits were as different from Prima's as I could get them.  I wanted this to look ilke an 80's anime so I inked this on paper instead of digitally so it would look a bit messy and messy is what I got since I'm still out of practice when it comes to digital inks (a lot of cleanup was a thing after I scanned it  :O).  Some of the lines are still a bit bolder than I wanted, but I guess it works with the flat cel-shading.  ^_^;

Miyazono Prime here has its fair share of problems but I like it, so much that I decided that this would be my Kaori pic for the landing page.  :3

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