While I was working on Morrigan here I told a friend of mine that this was my first time drawing her.

"Seriously? I find that hard to believe."

"I know, right?!"

Morrigan's very...interesting to draw.  It was weird, no matter how big I drew her boobs they didn't look right.  So I kept erasing and redrawing them bigger and bigger, almost subconciously.  Almost... XD

I wanted a seductive pic soaked in innuendo, but when I was looking at reference art I saw that almost all of those bases were covered and then some.  So I decided to go for a more silly tone, which suits the character just fine.  ^_~

The colors turned out really well, which is saying a lot for me and my phobia of darker color schemes.  I was lucky here since Morrigan has a fair share of bright pinks and purples to mix things up.  :3

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