Bringing Honor
To Us All


I was brainstorming a Disney crossover pic with Arcee and my buddy Ian suggested that I throw Mulan and Windblade in there too.  I thought something like that would be too cluttered but the idea of these two teaming up was sound so I started on this.  :D

I picked Mulan's outfit from the last act of the movie because it's my favorite and it just so happens to match Windblade's color scheme.  :3  The pose is the first one that sprung to mind and as simple as it is it also works well so I stuck with it.  Windblade scared me with all of the black but she turned out pretty good.  Mulan...well, she's okay.  I've never been able to draw her quite "right."  She was much better in pencils but go progressively more "meh" as I wrapped this up.  The colors saved her though I think.  ^_^;

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