Practicing for the Recital


Kaori and Kousei with two new transfer students to Sumiya Junior High from Norway practicing for an upcoming recital.  :3

Another piece of awful fanwank I started almost immediately after I did this pic because it was too much damn fun.  Like a lot of my dumb ideas this started as "I'll just doodle and see where this goes" and quickly snowballed into a pretty involved piece.  I wanted to draw something like the last pic with Kaori, Anna and Elsa but more "lived-in."  I toyed with the idea that they'd be at an actual recital with a blue dress for Elsa to match Kaori's white one but I couldn't figure out how to include Anna.  That and I wanted to draw them all in the school uniforms again.  ^_^;

What surprised me even more is how well everything clicked, there weren't many revisions I needed to make once I really started rolling on this.  Even when I hit a snag, like re-drawing Kaori's left hand in mid-colors, it wasn't a big deal to do.  I guess there really is something to be said about being in the zone (that and drawing these characters over and over and over again like I've been doing  XD).

Obviously I had a lot of fun with this silly pic, and I was so happy with it I ended up making it one of my rotating landing page images.  I often worry that people will get tired of me drawing weird crossovers like this with the same characters again and again.  But then I have to remember that this is MY art and I should draw whatever I damn well please.

Drawing characters striking a pose is cool but it's stuff like this that pop into your head that really let you cut loose, especially when you make a concious effort NOT to have screencaps for the anime and/or movie open desperately trying to emulate their styles.  Everything was fun about this (even drawing a guy and a piano XD).  I didn't mean for it to be so lively, I really didn't.  I'm not that clever.  I was just having a blast drawing this and I guess the guilty pleasure paid off.  Whatever the reason, I'm thankful it happened the way it did.  ^_^

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