"Who are you playing this for?"


Going through Your Lie in April yet again and I thought I'd try and draw a take on this scene.  I knew I was in trouble since I'm incredibly lazy and don't like drawing backgrounds or pretty much anything that's not a character.  :O  I worked on the sketch for a couple days and you'll notice that it's a mess.  After I scanned the pencils in to ink I decided it was too claustrophobic so I expanded the canvas to show more of the piano, which was already scaring the crap out of me.  The piano isn't anywhere near perfect but I spent like an hour and a half working on the inks and colors and am pleasantly surprised on how decent it turned out.  I then followed my junior high school art teacher's advice and worked on the rest of the music room before starting inks on Kaori and Kousei to help set the mood for the rest of the piece (and to get it out of the way ^_~)  Since I didn't want to ruin the tone of this pic with my stupid watermark I signed the chalkboard instead.  :3

You actually don't see much of Kaori and Kousei as far as the actual figures are concerned but I stressed out a lot on them, more than I probably should have, to make sure they were as good as I could get 'em.  Hell, I did like three passes just on their chins.  XD  Because of all the back-and-fourth the ink stage was a mess and that's why it wasn't posted.

Color is super important here and I knew I wanted a yellow/orange wash on everything for a really warm feeling.  At first I had really hard shadows on everything and a bunch of fancy blends but it just made everything look too busy so I pulled back a bunch, especially on Kaori and Kousei.  :D

I wouldn't say I nailed this piece, everything to me is a learning process.  But it also turned out more or less how I thought it would.  It's a fun project where I forced myself to do things I don't like to do or never tried before based on a cute little scene from an anime that breaks my heart.  You gotta love art.  ^_^

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