Little Black Nightgown


Everyone goes on and on about a little black dress but what about a little black nightgown?  That seems more interesting.  Or maybe it's just me.  ^_^'

I didn't go into the art with it in mind, but I like the ambiguity of the pose.  Is she opening the curtains and inviting you in?  Or is she closing them so she can have some alone time?  It's up to your imagination.  See?  I'm helping you develop your creatie side.  Don't say I never did anything for you.  :D

This is a pretty simple piece as far as the lines and pose go so I thought I'd try my hand at backlighting again since it's something I need to bone up on.  It turned out good but I probably could have pushed the light and dark contrast even farther.  The halo around her helps (cheat) things a lot.  In the end I wanted to keep the focus on her transparent nightgown since I'm a pervert.  XD

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