Noel Vermillion


Yes, arm ribbons are not practical.  But they sure as hell look cool.  :3

I love me some BlazBlue (well, I did once I figured out how to play it NOT like a dumbass XD).  Litchi is my girl, but I kicked it with Noel first since she's the cheap spammy character.

Of course I wanted to draw a pose centered around her pistols and I liked the idea of shell casings flying around everywhere.  I've included my failed first attempt with the pencils, I ditched that piece since the straight-on angle made it look really boring.  Once I decided that I was gonna give it a second shot, I stuck with the same pose and just swung the "camera" over a bit.  That simple change gave the pic a much more dynamic look.

When switching the angle I purposely raised her right leg over so I wouldn't be tempted to draw a panty flash again.  After all, less is more right?  ^_~

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