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So this huge DC Comics relaunch has everybody talking.  Long story short, they're keeping pants on Wonder Woman from the looks of it.  I was okay with the change when it happened last year, but now it's just getting weird.  From the looks of things, it seems that Diana's wardrobe is getting more conservative due to PC reasons more than "realism" while everybody else is getting a pass (I mean... have you SEEN the new Harley Quinn?).

I had this rant to a friend of mine and she talked me into starting a Facebook page for my "cause" (which is a stretch since I don't do the FB thing).  I knew I needed to whip up a sexy image to get my point across, and with the slogan I had this needed to be CRAZY SEXY to work.  XD

At first I went with a "rear" shot but couldn't quite get it the way I wanted (you can see the pencils below).  So I scrapped that idea and went with more of a straight-on look at Wondy in roughly the same pose and I liked the results a lot more (I guess I really do draw boobs better than I draw butts, huh?).  Wondy's expression was simple, but important to me.  Since the pose is pretty hot, I wanted her to have sort of a playful expression to offset the sexy stuff.  It makes the piece more fun and takes the SRS BISNESS edge off of the whole "campaign."

After I finished the pencils I decided I wanted to change the format to a portrait layout so I could put the text below her upper body, so during the inks I taped a new piece of paper to the bottom and sketched out more of her legs (pretty high-tech, huh?).

In the end, everything really clicked with this pic and I got it done within 3 hours.  Freaky, huh?  XD

This actually made it to the inking stage in hopes that I could salvage it, but I still wasn't happy with it.  If anyone out there digs it and would like to splash some colors on it, let me know and I'll scan the inks for you.  ^_^

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