The Great Wall of Briggs


This Major General Armstrong piece got started almost immediately after the last Armstrong piece I drew because I pretty much hated how she turned out in that one.  XD  I went with a much simpler pose and layout this time so I wouldn't have too much to trip over, though I totally spent too much time drawing the runes on her sword.  :O

This was a little tough to color since it was a bit out of my comfort zone.  The idea is that she's outside in the snowy snowy cold so I had to keep the colors kind of muted instead of the super bright saturated stuff I normally do.  I had a couple screencaps open as reference but resisted sampling those colors directly to see how well I could do it by just eyeballing it.

This actually would have gotten done much sooner after the last Armstrong pic but I had to spend a lot of time tweaking her head.  I knew her head was too big proportionally when I was sketching but I decided that I could live with it...until the colors were finished...the stage where stuff like this is THE HARDEST TO FIX.  XD

Yeah.  I'm pretty dumb.  ^_^;

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