Poison Ivy


This is a quick piece I whipped up after seeing this perfect-yet-not-so-perfect Premium Format Figure of Pam.  I'm one of those crazy people who thinks that body language and attitude can make something sexy as much as stupid revealing outfit choices.  XD

I call this a quickie because it started out fast and easy enough, but it actually turned out to be a piece I spent quite a bit of time on.  I'm especially happy with her boots.  Originally I was gonna give her stilettos but then thought about wedges.  And THEN it dawned on me to make the wedges into tree trunks and roots!  Yeah, I have my moments.  :3

I went with her classic outfit here since it's my favorite.  If you compare the pencil, ink and final stages you might notice minor pose and placement changes.  The downside of sketching and inking so fast is that you don't give yourself time to smell the roses (HURR HURR).  It wasn't until I was cleaning up my inks that I noticed her head and left shoulder we waaayyy off the mark.  Thank God for Photoshop!  Though, it would've been much easier to fix this before I even started the inks.  XD

And speaking of roses, I wanted to have her lying on a bed of roses and thorns.  But alas, Silas got lazy.  ^_^;

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