Isn't This

(Updated 2016.03.31)

I got this idea after reading about Disney's rumored interest in buying Hasbro.  Yeah, it's kind of a stretch but you know I had to jump on it anyways.  XD

I've been meaning to draw another Transformers/Disney Princess pic for a while, and this one popped right into my head after hearing about the rumored buyout.  Like the Ariel/Seaspray pic I kept the lineart and coloring like a simple cel-shaded piece.  I also kept the colors bright and happy, to counteract the doom and gloom some fans are already predicting.  ^_~

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

When going through the prints I'm taking to BotCon this year I thought I'd update this one.  Perceptor was still okay (or I was just too lazy to redraw the whole thing) so I just tightened up the colors a bit.  At first I was going to completely redraw Belle but I still like the pose so I just tweaked her from the neck down a bit and just redrew her head.  :D

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