Phoenix Card
Art Trade


This is my half of a Phoenix art trade with my buddy James.  We started this trade about two or three weeks ago but I'm just now finishing mine up because that was just around the time I started watching a little anime called "Your Lie in April"... XD

I wanted to do a Phoenix/Dark Phoenix piece and the idea of a playing card popped into my head.  I got lazy and the torsos for both Phoenixes in almost every stage of this are duplicates.  I also did this so the "mirror" motif of face cards would work, but yeah it was mostly due to me being lazy.  ^_^;

Almost everytime I draw Phoenix and/or Dark Phoenix someone always chimes in and says "YOU SHOULD RECOLOR HER INTO THE OTHER VERSION."  Yeah, that doesn't really work.  :p  First, the chest emblem is different and Phoenix's hair is crazy while Dark Phoenix's hair is HOLY BATSHIT CRAZY.  That and if we're being really nerdy, their expressions usually aren't interchangeable.  So NYAH.

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