This has a story behind it.  It's a dumb story, but it's a story.  I was watching the latest Once Upon A Time and got stupid excited over the fact that Emma and Elsa were rolling around in Bumblebee (Emma drives Bumblebee.  Don't argue with me.  My logic is sound).  Said stupid excitement got me texting friends during the show and we decided that I needed to draw this.

I considered drawing Elsa driving Bumblebee and stuff like that but it all seemed a bit boring to me.  Then I decided they should have a pizza party.  Because pizza parties are AWESOME.  I thought just two isn't a party so Ariel came over.  I also tried to replicate the princess signatures on their drink cups.  Emphasis on the word "tried."  I would be a horrible princess.  XD

And do Transformers really eat pizza...?  WELL THEY DO NOW!!!

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