Luke Skywalker


A new Star Wars trailer comes out and of course all I wanna draw is toys.  And old toys at that.  If you know what I'm referencing off the bat here you bought waaaAAAYYY too many action figures in the 90's.  And you're AWESOME.  :D

Power of the Force 2 holds a special place in my hearts, especially the early stupid sculpts.  With his blank stare and weightlifter cleavage Luke was the obvious first choice to draw.  I've been meaning to draw this for a while but the new Episode VII trailer kicked it up to the top of my to-do list.  I made sure to give him a long lightsaber (.00 card, son!  XD) and his "Grappling-Hook Blaster."  When I was inking this I saw that the blaster was kind of bent.  I was about fix it but remembered that the stupid toy was always bent so I just inked it as-is.  :3

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