Optimus Prima
Vintage 1.0


This is where it all started, folks!  ^_^

I posted this here for posterity, the first time I drew Optimus Prima.  I wanted to draw some Transformers stuff, but my robot-drawing skill weren't up to the task.  So I thought about following Anime's lead by throwing some robotic armor on a chick.  But when the Japanese go about drawing that stuff it tends to bother me.  Usually they've got a bunch of shit on their arms and legs, but like a thong and string bikini covering the naughty bits.  So I thought I'd add some flair to my Optimus Prime girl and Optimus Prima was born!

This was actually it, there was no "first draft" with Prima.  The first sketch came out good, so I inked and color it into what you see here.

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