Happy Tenth,
Optimus Prima!


Believe if or not I've been drawing this gal dressed like Optimus Prime for ten years now.  :OOO

This started as a movieverse Prima pic that I was thinking of making into a print since it's also the ten year anniversary of the first live-action flick.  I liked the pose but wasn't looking forward to drawing a movie designed so turned this into a G1 Optimus Prima since this anniversary is more near-and-dear to me.  I've always had trouble coloring glossy areas so I kept her colors pretty simple without a lot of crazy shades and highlights going on, mostly because I didn't want to detract for the lineart which I was pretty happy with.

I dug up some older art to show off the crazy journey this has been so far.  If you've been following my art since March 23rd, 2007 thanks for sticking with me!

And if you haven't, well...sorry.  I'm still gonna draw lots more of her.  XD

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