Prima Turns Five


I really can't believe I've been drawing my girly-girl take on Optimus Prime for five years now.  :O

She's just a fan character, but Prima's always been my go-to gal when I want to draw something or want to test some new technique.  As complicated as her outfit is, she's still a ton of fun to draw and I could almost doodle her in my sleep.  Because this is a pretty important anniversary, I wanted to knock this out of the park.  I'm not doing anything really new here, but it all had to be extremely good.

Usually when I draw a medium shot I use a regular notebook-sized board, but here I drew Prima on an 11"x17" sheet of bristol so I could focus on little details and so the inked lines would be really thin.  I wanted to make the colors extra shiny so I had Carly wield her Energy Axe so I could play with some edge lighting.

In the end, this piece turned out just the way I wanted it to: Bold, Glossy and Hot.  ^_^

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