Disney Princess
Marvel Girl


I felt like drawing Jean Grey in her green Marvel Girl duds but couldn't think of any neat pose ideas.  I was rolling through a Disney marathon over the weekend and I thought what the hell, I'll draw some Marvel Disney Princesses.  XD

I usually don't draw dresses so making this design look like a Disney Princess gown but not copying a lot of stuff ruffle-for-ruffle was tough.  There are cues from Snow White and Ariel that I had to roll back a little.  I threw in Marvel Girl's miniskirt to help break that up a little more.  I'm pretty happy with how the lines came out, though my only real regret is that I didn't come up with something really cool for her mask.  I kicked around the idea of giving it kind of a crown motif thing but nothing worked out.

The colors were also tricky since it's really close to Tiana's.  I didn't want to leave it as a flat darker green cuz that's kinda boring.  So I tried to go for a kind of emerald effect adding in some reflective tones and glitter.  Glitter always helps.  :3

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