Psylocke 2.0


Betsy Braddock is one of those characters who has always given me trouble for whatever reason.  I guess she's too simple of a design for her own good.  But this time I think I got it.  :3

I was reading Spider-man comics and felt like drawing a crazy crawly pose, but didn't want to draw Spidey or someone in a mask.  Then Psylocke popped into my head and slinky, sexy ninja pose was the result.  I really like the look here with her arched back, like a cat getting ready to pounce on a laser.

And "yes," I do realize that many a folk will probably trace this for naughty purposes.  XD

  I'm glad my eraser sucked so you can see all of the false starts I had when I was sketching out this pose.  Some people (wisely) use a piece of scratch paper to decide on a pose and composition beforehand, but not me.  For one, I'm too lazy.  But mostly I feel like I brainstorm better by drawing on-the-fly so to speak.

The inks turned out surprisingly great, I guess because there wasn't much too the lineart.  In the colors I went with one light source to keep with the simplistic motif that I had started with the piece.  As a finishing touch I canted the art a little bit to give it a creepy look.  ^_^


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