The Snow Queen


Another shot at drawing Elsa, this time in a much simpler cel-shaded style.  My past attempts were okay, but I'm still not good at the fancy digital effects.  This one turned out good, not great.  ^_^;

Since I wasn't doing any fancy patterns or textures I wanted to corset to stand out a bit so I doodled these weird snowflake patterns on it.  I made it two-toned in the colors but not too much of a contrast so she wouldn't look like a weird Spider-man thing.  I really dig Marshmallow so I thought two of the big guy would be neat to fill in the negative space.  I drew this piece in two stages, Elsa and the seat of the throne on one page and the Marshmallows and the back of the throne on another.  In retrospect I should've drawn and colored the throne as a seperate layer so it could be a little transparent to push the ice look.  Oh well, next time I guess.  XD

Like with an Elsa pic before I had some issues with the pose so I lit up the Katie signal and she shot me back a bunch of badass throne poses.  :D

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