Wonder Woman

2009.10.23 (updated 2012.06.22)

Wonder Woman is one of those characters that continues to baffle my pencil.  I can work on a piece for hours and not think it's "right."  But here is a piece that started as a lunchbreak doodle that ended up being REALLY good, even looking back on it today.  Go figure.  XD

***   ***  Update Notes  ***   ***

This was a spur-of-the moment piece, but still one of the ones I look back and wonder how I got it so right (especially since I still kinda struggle with Diana here).  Since con season's in full swing and this has always been a popular piece I decided to revisit it.  Other than some minor tweaks to her waistline, the lineart holds up really well for being almost three years old.  The shading also stayed pretty much as it was though I updated the colors with much bolder contrast to make her outfit extra shiny.  ^_^

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