Rarity the Unicorn


I dig all of the ponies in The Hub's "Friendship is Magic" show, but right now I'm leaning towards Rarity as my favorite.  ^_^

For this pic I started with something simple with a splash of Ponyville elegance and glamour.  The whole thing is a little subdued compared with the bulk of my portfolio, but working on the Prima comic it's a welcome change of pace.

This piece didn't turn out great, but it's pretty good for being the third or fourth time I've attempted to draw anything My Little Pony.  I really wasn't thrilled when I finished the colors, but I think I was getting myself too worked-up over it and just shut down Photoshop and took a second look at it a few hours later and warmed to the whole thing after that.  The body's still a little long and the head a bit weird, but this was my second shot at the piece and with this side-by-side with my first attempt (which I've included with the inks here) I'm beating myself up less and less over it.  XD

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