Rescue Bots
Optimus Prima


I won't even lie, I'm looking forward to the new Rescue Bots Optimus Primal toy more than I really should.  XD

I've been meaning to draw a new take on Prima for a while now (since I haven't really drawn her in a looooooong time) and Prima with claw toes and a dinosaur head mounted on her arm seemed as fun as fun was gonna get.  :3

Translating the toy's chunky sculpt was a lot of fun to draw, but a pain to color.  That's why I went with a simpler coloring style than I usually would with Transformers ladies, but I think it works well here.  I don't watch Rescue Bots (though that might change now) so I don't know if the show's Optimus Primal breathes fire but I thought it looked cool.   So there.  :D

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