Wonder Woman


IGN Comics reported the final covers to the Justice League reboot... and Wonder Woman has no pants!  Obviously, I'm very happy about this and knew I needed to draw some art to celebrate.  :3

Originally this was just going to be a quick little piece but it soon spiraled into a pretty complicated affair (originally I thought this piece would take about an hour start-to-finish.  It ended up spanning about three).  The pose started out simple enough, but then I started going crazy with the lasso and wrapped it around pretty much anything and everything.  Because of this, I inked the lasso first with a slightly thicker line than usual so it'd be a little easier to tell it apart from the rest of the lineart.  I actually forgot to scan the pencils in before I inked the lasso so you can see what I'm talking about.

As for the costume itself, I'm not a big fan of the gold being removed from her color scheme and even decided at one point to recolor a bulk of the silver armor... but in the end I decided to leave it be.  It's kind of grown on me so I don't think it's horrible anymore, but I'm still partial to the primary color look she used to rock.

The colors were tough due to all of the lines and armor segments on her new outfit.  I fudged a lot of the details since I had a hard time figuring out what was going on in the official art.  That or I was just being lazy, take your pick.  XD

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