Below is a labor of love, with work spanning over a year.  ^_^

In April of 2009 I began writing an origin story for my Transformers fan character "Optimus Prima."  She began as a silly little idea that I would draw when I was bored but evolved into a mainstay in my artwork.  So I decided that she deserved more of a background.

September of 2010 saw the end of writing and constant re-writes and the start of artwork for the comic.  From layouts and pencils, inks and colors, and finally text and effects each page took me roughly 4-5 hours to complete.  On a good day I could pump out two pages, and ultimately the comic was finished near the end of September with a few days to spare.

Thank you to everyone who gave encouragement for the good ideas and blunt criticism with the bad.  Who spot-checked my art and corrected my grammar.  This was an exhausting ride, but a joy beyond compare and I couldn't have done it without you.

You can bet your ass there will be a sequel, and it's being written right now as a matter of fact.  With any luck, it'll be ready to go sometime in 2011.









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