"No pose is too dirty for me."

(Repeggy's quote courtesy of HeroicC300 of the TFW2005 Boards.  Thanks!  :D)

I wanted to draw a new Transformer lady but didn't know who exactly so I asked some friends.  My cookie man friend suggested Repugnus so this happened.  Repugnus being a Monsterbot I decided to make her super cute.  XD

I went with this suggestion because the toy kinda holds a special place in my heart, mostly because it took me forever to get a complete one for my shelf.  Yeah, by "complete" I mean "the robot and his gun" but said gun is kinda pricey and when I finally got one for a decent amount of change I was sent the wrong one.  But enough about me... XD  Repugnus's toy robot mode is pretty simple so it was neat figuring out a lady costume design.

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